Gustave Miklos

Monograph, vol.1
Un Grand oeuvre caché

In this first volume of the monograph, we will reveal compelling and original evidence of several unaccredited works of Art Deco sculptor and important figure of the Xxth century artistic avant-garde, G.Miklos.

GUSTAVE MIKLOS Un grand œuvre caché (A recovered work). Livres, reliures, graphismes.(Books, book bindings, graphics).

With, on the one hand, the discovery of his ledger with the heading entitled ‘works for François’ (“Travaux pour François”) which was regularly kept up to date from 1922 to 1941, and on the other hand, pictures, watercolors, gouache, preparatory drawings, sketches and layouts realized for these editions and found in his belongings.

Through François-Louis Schmied, Miklos worked with artists Jean Dunand and Jean Goulden with whom he shared workshops. The threesome got perfectly along. They belonged to the ‘Group of Four’ which included the animalist Paul Jouve who –unlike the other three – was artistically independent.

The book is, the first to unravel his complete biography, it reveals unknown and revolutionary aspects of the artist in graphic art. Book history reaches the rank of a major art thanks to his many unexpected outstanding achievements in this area. At the same time he was producing unparallel appraised sculptures, paintings, enamels and artifacts. It will be the focus of our second volume.


Teacher in academia, specializing in the psychology of perception (UAM Poznan), founder of Fata Libelli bookshop, expert-bookseller, member of SLAM (Union for the ancient and modern bookshop), of LILA (International league of ancient bookshop) and CNE (National Commission of Experts), expert in Art Nouveau and Art deco periods.

Christiane PATKAÏ
Art historian, thesis for graduation of master degree in 1978: “Gustave Miklos 1888-1967: his life and his work as a sculptor”. Research adviser : Mr. Bernard Dorival (Paris IV).

Étienne BASTIN
Doctor of Philosophy degree (Institut Supérieur de Philosophie, Université de Louvain) Ph. D in literature, lecturer, photographer

Jacques RENOUX
Journalist and author of books dedicated to cultural heritage. Former member of Telerama editorial staff, editor of the Magazine du bibliophile from 2000 to 2006.